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February 2011

Wow this is project that we are excited to see coming to fruition Elements Of Chaos has been in the studio again with HB wrapping up a couple of the songs that they have worked on very hard. This progressive metal band is sure to inspire the math metal genius in you so check back and give them support at their website.

January 2011

We look forward to providing only the best Recording Studio and Video Production services to all of our Phoenix Arizona clients as well as our growing International base of clientele. Cheers and Success in 2011!!!!

December 2010

They've wrapped up the album and now its time to master it. Junk The Band has chosen HB as the mastering engineer. He will be using a multitude of digital and analog gear to make this record pop without sacrificing dynamics. We also would like to say thanks to all of our TallCat peoples that made 2010 our best year yet cheers to the new year!!!

November 2010

Gotta love their name Junk The Band has been in the studio and is working with Dana on tracking 1 song and mixing the rest that they tracked at their home studio. That's just one example of how our Recording Studio embraces the movement of artist going from home to the studio to make professional recordings. Check out their website and let them know what you think.

October 2010

This month we will be covering the SEMA show in Las Vegas Nevada. We will be doing the recording and videography for an upcoming car show called Carnage Television. Check back for more updates on this exciting addition to the TallCat portfolio of Audio Recording Video Production Services we offer in Phoenix Arizona.

August 2010

At long last Lost In Atlantis has finished the mix and the master recording is off to the mastering house. Award winning mastering engineer Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering is the choice for the bands go to Mastering engineer. We cant wait for this album to drop!

July 2010

TallCat Productions would like to welcome the Recording Connection to our Phoenix Arizona Recording Studio. We have been a partner with Recording Connection for the last year but, haven't announced it. We have chosen to be a home base of operations for the Recording Connection in Phoenix. If you have any interest in becoming a producer or engineer in the Recording Studio please jump over to our Training page and drop us a line so we can setup an initial consultation meeting.

June 2010

Lost In Atlantis has been busy. They started in January of 2010 and have been steadily in the recording studio since then working with producer Tom Whiting! They have been dedicating a lot of time and effort and it is sounding fantastic. It is going to be a great Album and a great addition to TallCats portfolio.

May 2010

Anomaly has started tracking with HB and are really at it. So far in the recording studio they have knocked out drums and bass guitar and have moved on to guitars and vocals. Check back for progress updates in the studio!

April 2010

The new TallCat site has launched. Visit and check it out!

September 2009

Beyond The Now is back in the studio recording 2 singles. Tom has already laid down the drums and HB has already jumped on getting the bass tuned and plugged in. Check back for updates on their myspace page.

August 2009

After doing a demo with the TallCat crew Lost In Atlantis has decided to return and do full length. Tom has jumped into the line up and is playing drums. We are only in the PreProduction phase and should be tracking late October early November.

Formerly called Session Nida is back in the studio working on re-recording vocals. Pete has decided to focus more on the bass playing and backing vocals. Jeremy has stepped up to take Pete's place as lead vocal. This is going to sound great!

July 2009

Halfnum has just started working on EP with the release of it coming later this summer. Look for it at shows and check their myspace page for details.

June 2009

Tell Me About The Rabbits has finished their EP and it is off to duplication. You can check them out on their myspace page Here

Wescott Ave has been finishing up the mixes on their upcoming album! HB has been working with them and it should be out mid summer!

Trotters Wake and Irish folk music group has been in the studio for the last 3 months working on their Album. HB has been Engineer and producing this wonderful compilation of eclectic irish music.

May 2009

If you haven't seen it already or heard of it already go and sign up for the music site. We are accepting submissions from musicians as well as lovers of music. If you like music follow the link, sign up and help us change the face of music forever!

April 2009

Halfnum has been hard at work tracking drums and bass for their upcoming 4 song CD release. This is going to be great so check back for updates on the release!

Tell Me About The Rabbits has started tracking drums. They feature a sound only described after you have listened to them. Kind of rock kind of funk just listen to them and they are great live!

March 2009

Z Health has finished up their S-Phase video that will be out in the next month. The team at TallCat did all of the post production with music credits going to Stephen of Beyond The Now. Tom did all of the editing as well as graphic composition. Check it out!

Lost In Atlantis has been in the studio working on their 2 song demo. Cant wait to hear when they are done. HB is mixing and engineering it and Tom is playing drums.

February 2009

Beyond The Now
Back from the replication house pick up a copy of Beyond The Now's debut album "Subject To Change".

January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Tom has finished the Prehab mix and it is off to Mastering which is being handled by HB. Look forward to copies of their record in late February or early March!

December 2008

Happy Holidays!

TallCat wishes everyone and their families a wonderful Holiday Season!

November 2008

Beyond The Now is finished with their debut album "Subject To Change" and is off to be Mastered.

October 2008

September 2008

PreHab has been at it this summer working on their debut album "One Is To Many And A Thousand Is Not Enough".

August 2008

What a pleasure it was to have one of the most recorded drummers in all of history Steve Gadd in the studio this month. He is laying down the groove for Mike and Jerry for their upcoming Jazz Release.

June 2008

Vociti is back in the studio recording tracks with Tom and is due to have another song recorded this summer. Check back for updates

Imperial Logic is in Studio A with HB mixing on their recently recorded tracks. Check em out on their myspace page for updates.

Phoenix Arizona songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Avin Mathur from is in for some mixing of his new songs.

The Heath Row band begins working on some new material with HB.

May 2008

Siphon is in for a few days to mix their upcoming new album with HB.

The Celebration Brass Quartet finishes mixing their demo sampler. Hire them for your next wedding or event here:

Your Closest Enemy begins recording 3 new songs with HB.

Imperial Logic a live hip/hop band comes in to record a new track with HB.

Tony Wilk begins work on a new set of songs for release later this summer. Performing drums, guitars, and vocals. HB who is
recording and mixing the project will also be contributing some bass tracks.

April 2008

Wrath Of Wolves finishes mixing their debut EP.

Incidental resumes work on remixes of their EP and as well as brand new material!

The ABM employees record a song and shoots a music video in TallCat’s Studio A

The TallCat Crew provides sound for the annual Scion event at Larry Miller Toyota/Scion. Bands such as Internal Defect
Vistalence, and Beyond The Now performed. Other activities that day included a skateboarding competition and an
all Scion car show.

PreHab is in the studio working on a full length album. The role of Producer was elected to Tom he is working closely with
them on developing a sound unique for their style.

March 2008

The Pedestrians who are made of the employees of AAA (of Northern California) came to Phoenix Arizona to begin working on their demo with HB. Their plan is to enter the corporate battle of the bands sponsored by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Phoenix Arizona Natives Pop / Punk Band Westcott Ave began working on their full-length debut album with HB. You can hear some samples of the work
in progress Here.

HB and Life Size Monsters begin mixing the new EP they have been working on with HB. Expect that out by the end of Summer.
Check out their previous work Here.

Rewind has been in the studio working closely with Drew on mixing "I Am The One". Its sounding great check back for updates.

Haloden is in the studio for the first time this month. They will be working with Tom.

Did you say you wanted 2". Well now you've got it. TallCat has just installed a Studer A800 mark IV. Fat doesn't begin to describe
the sound of this thing. Call for details.

February 2008

HB mastered the new instrumental hip/hop, electronic album from DJ No Rap whose web page you can check out. Here.

Dr. Frankenshred begins work on a new side project with Mike P. from Chicago. Expect a finished CD in late 2008.

The team will be at the American Express sponsored Phoenix Arizona S.C.O.R.E. meeting downtown this month. Don't be afraid to come and
show some love.

Vociti is back in the studio beginning production on the next song. The team will be helping with all aspects of production including
session musicianship beginning this month Tom will be laying down the foundation on drums.

Jennas Arrival began working on their upcoming release. Rez has been working his magic with them providing the engineering
and production skills.

Session Has been working hard they've finished tracking the rhythm section and are moving on the doing overdubs.
Rez has been engineering and producing them so check back to see what they come up with.

January 2008

Dr. Frankenshred has been busy recording tracks for several upcoming releases. In addition mixes are nearing completion for
The Metal Force featuring Kevin Schumacher on Vocals, Robbie Erwin (of Exiled) on Bass
Greg Hall (of Sacred Reich) on Drums, and of course Dr. Frankenshred on Guitars.
This CD is going to redefine shred metal for the 21st century!

Drew is working with Rewind in Studio A. Rez plays guitar on "I Am The One." Look for it on his myspace page soon.

Rez is work with the guys in Session on an EP. Keep an ear out for their work!

Happy New Year from the staff at TallCat

December 2007

TallCat Introduces ProTools & Recording Studio training courses in its Phoenix Arizona Recording Facility. The ProTools class is an introduction into the workings of
one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations ProTools. The Recording Studio class takes a look at the fundamentals of
capturing and mixing instruments and vocal performances.

B and Steve (from Internal Defect) got to see and hang out with Lamb of God at the Dodge Theater. It was a great show, those
guys are brutal live. Originally we were there to do a live recording of the show but this was cancelled do to
logistical problems, hopefully next time.

L.O.S.T. Came in and laid down some initial tracks of some new music with Drew.

True Grit is recording a new demo to showcase their variety of songs Drew recorded it with some additional mixing from B. If you looking for some great live country music then go see these guys.

The Blues Rooster, a great blues/classic rock style power trio has just finished mixing a 4 song EP with B. Check your local clubs for their next show.

The Worms have been working with Drew and B on recording their first album. This no holds barred, twin guitar attack is to be released in early 2008.

November 2007

Jenna's Arrival is working with Rez in Studio A. Listen to the first 3 songs here ( and add them to your myspace friends list.

Brad Thomas Artist has started working with TallCat. He is utilizing the TallCat Staff to their fullest potential pulling in the talent from each of us. Session work being done by Tom on the drums, HB slamming on the bass, super shredder cheddar Rez pasteurizing the guitar. Additional help was provided by Stephen of Beyond The Now with vocal coaching and editing. Look forward to hearing some of the songs early 2008 they are sure to be a hit!

1 Zero 1 was in to have Tom Master their upcoming EP featuring 4 new songs and some remixes, including remixes done by our own B and Stephen Nettles of Beyond The Now.

Asperity was in to record a new song to tide over fans hungry for new material. You can find them on myspace to hear the results.

October 2007

Symmetry is in the studio this month working on an upcoming ep. They just started tracking and will be onto the overdub and mix phase in not time. Expect that out early 2008

Exiled Returns to begin recording with B. They're currently working on a new song entitled "A Passage With Two Beginnings"

September 2007

Coming all the way from Japan to Phoenix Arizona TallCat welcomes Def star/Sony Japan Records and their upcoming artist Ky lee. Kylee and Tom will be working together on Vocal Production for her upcoming release scheduled for Early 2008.

Life Size Monsters began recording their new EP with B. Blending a high energy frantic mix of different rock and punk styles, into their own unique brand of music. Looks for its completion and release in 2008.

August 2007

Chemicals of Democracy is now working closely with Tom on an upcoming ep planned for release early next year.

Rock en Espanola band Tzolkin has finished producing their album with Rez in Studio A.

B Mastered the EP for Wrath of Wolves. This progressive neo classical metal band features an all star line up of Anthony Storm and John Wolf Hayden formally of Blackstorm on Guitars and Bass, and studio keys by Derek Sherinian formally of Dream Theater

July 2007

Ekser has finished tracking and it is now on to the mixing stage check back to find out when this is going to be wrapping up!

TallCat Productions Studio C is now home to the Scott & Pam Radio Show. This internet radio show features the best in Indie hard rock and metal, interviews with all sorts of interesting people including uber metal producer Michael Wagener, and of course Scott & Pam's always entertaining banter. Visit their myspace page for more information.

June 2007

K Boogie is working on a few tracks for Keize. Rez plays guitar on Ooh Say Ooh.

May 2007

Ekser Began Tracking this week starting with drums We are very excited to see what they've cooked up on the new songs due out later this year!

April 2007

Its been a while since I've had the time to update the site. We have been so busy the last few months. But here is the latest news from the TallCat Crew. Internal Defect has completed their album and it is off to mastering and replication. Look for it soon and pick up a copy they put alot of work in to this and it's sure to please! Give these guys a hand with the release of there 7 song ep "The Obliteration Process" Ekser has gotten signed to Shiven Records. That rocks and they are coming back to TallCat to Record their first album to be released under Shiven Records!!!

Happy New Year from the TallCat crew!!!

January 2007

Hexa is moving right along we will be re-amping in the beginning of February.

Frankenshred is entering the final stages of the mix and samples should be on the web soon!

Internal Defect has finished tracking their 11 song album and is moving into final edits preparing for mixing!

Beyond The Now has finished tracking and is now moving along and getting into the groove for mix down.

December 2006

Check out the review of Ekser our in-house cat Kyle Engineered & Produced this record Good Job!

The crew has been hard at work for a while on Creme Machine's newest pop/rock/AAA music library. Featuring quite a few of the house Cats at work! Big thanks goes out to:

Vince from Ekser for his skills on the drums

K Boogie for his work on the drums, keys and engineering/producing

Rez from Beyond The Now for his helping hand on the guitars, bass and engineering/producing

HB from Beyond The Now for laying it down on the Bass and engineering/producing

Drew for laying it down on keys, guitar, bass and engineering/producing

Stephen from Beyond The Now for jamming tunes on the guitar and programming

Kyle from Ekser for his work on guitars and engineering/producing

Scott for rockin it on the Guitars for us

Justin for jamming on the guitar and engineering/producing

Tom from Beyond the Now for putting the back beat down on the drums!

November 2006

TallCat Productions welcomes Smash Mouth to the valley! TallCat in association with Arizona Concert Sound Solutions provided the monitor set up for their rehearsal Saturday at Scottsdale Studios. This was prior to their performance at P.I.R. on Sunday. Check out some pics of B and Drew at the sound stage at the recording studios.


October 2006

Jeremy of Internal Defect is wrapping up final vocal takes for their new 2007 album. Great job out to Producer/Studio Owner Tom Whiting for the continued efforts on their project. Keep your ears tuned to the TallCat Media Player for samples.

Shout out to Cory & the guys at ACSS ! We enjoyed working with them on some of the new intercom voice over work for there Aviation Computers. Thanks!

The new TallCat Media Player is online!!! Check out some of the work of our production staff & some of the local/national talent that is part of the family. A big thank you goes out to everyone who letting us use their content for our media player!

Big shout out to Young Murph and his crew for the support and promotions.

Bay area producer MindTrapp has been busy in the lab cooking up new bangers & preparing for his upcoming release due out in 07. Check the media player for some updates on Trapp or visit his myspace and support him by purchasing a cd. Props to Trapp for continued support & efforts.

Omar at XPOZ magazine has been in & out of the studio with local producer Mustafa & and local rapper Hora Burnz. Look out for our ad in the november edition of Xpoz magazine and while your at it check out their web pages.

September 2006

Former TallCat clients Dutch & Elos lay down some new bangers with TallCat Producer K Boogie

Rod with Shooting Mary was in this week, cutting some new acoustic guitar tracks.

Bay Area producer MindTrapp, has graced the TCP scene with some new slappers & bangers, make sure to come in and check out his other production.

European cats Exiled just recorded their new Album, out soon.

Rez has just finished mixing Halfnum's demo.

August 2006

Shooting Mary is finalizing their mix for their upcoming release

Frankenshred has been shredding up guitar strings & fingers in Studio B. Look for his new release coming to shelves near you.

Shout out to Rose Barton for supporting the TallCat Family!

Beyond The Now has finished tracking Rez's guitar and is moving on to Tesh's Guitar & Vocals

July 2006

Lost in Leisure has finished their five song demo here with studio engineer/producer Drew Mann. Show your support and check out their live shows.

J Roq is back in studio B working on some mix revisions

Beyond The Now has started guitar tracking stay tuned for there upcoming CD

Cruz is cutting Tracks in Studio B

Multi Gold Album artist Eddie Benitez starts recording for his upcoming release.

June 2006

At it again here! Tallcat has sponsored another event with the production of another commercial airing on MTV2 and for internet promotion. The last one was a huge success. If your band, artist or business is in need of larger scale promotions that can target your audience, give us a call to setup an appointment 602-896-4379

Halfnum has been putting work in at the studio. 6 new tracks are in the process of tracking as we speak.

Recording Studio Engineer Kyle Brandstetter and his band Ekser have been putting in some serious elbow grease editing drum tracks for a new EP.

Latin groove cats, Tzolkin, have just finished some vocal tracking for a demo scheduled to release in Phoenix soon!

May 2006

C-Bo & Bobby Gee from F.U. Pay Me Ent. have recently become one of the newest members of the TallCat Family in Phoenix, dropping by to play some bones and record a hot new C-Bo track, Left, Right. Check it out!

J-Roq, one of the freshest additions to local Phoenix Arizona hip hop music scene has been keeping busy at the recording studio, from ripping the open mic night at Hollywood Alley to hanging out and laying down new tracks with recording studio engineer producer K-Boogie.

TI-22, formerly Bloodline, a Phoenix based artist have been breaking out some great tracks here at the TallCat Recording Studio. Great work guys!

The Internal Defect project has been getting allot of attention. Tom & the guys have achieved excellent drum tone after an arduous couple of weeks of setup and recording.

Incinerator Popsicle has been busy putting the final touches on their new album due out soon.

Joe's Grotto on May19th commercial sponsored by Tallcat Productions started airing on MTV2 in Phoenix during headbangers ball . It is also available to view on the BTN myspace account.