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Some Of The Gear We Use

Studio A

System & I/O

Pro Tools HD 3 Accel
Digidesign 192 40 Ins 24 Outs
Apogee PSX-100
Studer A 80 MK IV 2" 24 track
Digidesign Control 24
Genelec 1032a Monitors
Yamaha NS-10m Monitors
Furman HDS-6

Mic Pre's

API 512 Mic Pre's
Neve 1073 Mic Pre's
Neve 1081 Mic Pre's
Focusrite Mic Pre's
John Hardy M-1 Mic Pre's
Joe Meek Mic Pre's
Inward Connections MP820 Pre's
Scully 280B Moded Mic Pre's


Empirical Labs Distressor's
Teletronix LA-2A: Limiting Amplifier
Universal Audio 1176: Compressor
Focustrite D3: Stereo Compressor
ADL Tube : Stereo Compressor /Limiter
Amek 9098 Stereo Compressor/ Limiter
DBX 166A Stereo Compressor/ Limiter

Time Based FX

Lexicon MPX-1
T.C. Electronics M-3000
T.C. Electronics M-1
T.C. Electronics Helicon


API 550b parametric EQ’s
API 550a parametric EQ’s
API 560 Graphic EQ

Studio B

System & I/O

Pro Tools HD 3 Accel
Digidesign 192 Interface 8 In and 8 Outs
Apple G5 Dual 2.0 with 3.5 gig ram
Digidesign Control 24
Mackie HR-824 Monitors
Yamaha MSP 10 Monitors
Pro Tools HD 7.2


Propeller Head Reason
Apple Logic Studio
Miraslov Philharmonik
Waves Diamond Bundle
Bomb Factory
Trillium Lane Labs
Purple Audio

Mic Pre's

Universal Audio Dual 610 Mic Preamp
Focusrite Pre's


Teletronix LA-2A
Empirical Labs Distressor
DBX 166A Dual Mono Compressor/Limiter
ADL Tube : Stereo Compressor /Limiter

Studio Microphones

Neumann U 87 Microphone x 2
Neumann TLM 103 x 2
Neuamann KM 184 x 2
Royer R 121
Royer R 122 x 3
AKG C414 x 3
SM 81 x 3
AKG 460 x 2
AKG C451
Blue Dragonfly
Blue Kiwi
Audio Technica 4040 x 2
Audio Technica 4047sv
MCA Condensors Moded x 4
SE Electronics Moded x 2
Sennheiser MD 421 x 6
SM 58 x 2
SM 57 x 4
Groove Tubes GT 33 x 3
Earthworks M 30
Sennheiser E 609 x2
Sennheiser E 604x 5
EV PL-6 x 3
Audio Technica ST 90x 3

D.I. Boxes

Countryman DI x 2
Radial JDV DI x 3
Radial X-Amp x 3